Wicked Little Sins follows the story of Vera and Malik. Step siblings that absolutely loathe each other. Vera and her mother move in with Malik and his father into a dreary town of Castle Pointe. People come, but they don’t leave this town.

One night with a ouija board and her stepbrother throwing her in a mausoleum she comes out harboring the ghost of the town’s cursed witch. Malik ends up possessed by a demon.

This book was interesting and spooky, but I felt it was missing something. My main concern was “possessed Malik” speaks Latin and the readers don’t have a clue what he’s saying. I felt like it took away from the story. Also, there’s a TON of teenage angst and that’s not my favorite.

Good read, but check your trigger warnings!


Welcome to Castle Pointe, where the dead never sleep. What does it feel like to kiss death?

Being thrust into a town so sinister, corrupted by such malevolence, was never my intent.

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