Little off the beaten path with today’s post, but, we’re thrilled to take you along as we get ready for a bookish adventure like no other – heading to the deserts of Nevada for Love’n Vegas. We’ll meet some of our favorite authors and maybe some of you too! In addition to the event, we’re also planning to visit the Neon Museum and experience the nightlife at Omnia nightclub.

Packing the Essentials

Packing for a book event comes with its own set of essentials. Of course, we’ve got our clothes, toiletries, and travel documents sorted, but we had to make some changes to our normal packing routine.

Don’t worry, we both waited til the absolute last day to pack. (Very on brand for us).

We did bring a few books to be signed but plan to buy more while we’re there. And we know our suitcases will be filled with books and merch from the authors we’ll meet by the time we head back home.

Enter the bag-inside-a-bag trick… we each packed our carry-on roller bag then put it inside our checked bags before finishing packing that suitcase. You may be asking “but why”right? Two main benefits – we only had our backpacks on the plane, making boarding/deplaning quick & easy, AND when we leave LV in a few days, we’ll have plenty of room for books and souvenirs when we take that carry-on size out to bring on the plane.

Bag in a bag

The Bookish Essentials

In addition to the books, there are plenty of things you can pack for your next bookish trip:

1. Bookmarks & Stickers: these are fun to have on hand to give away or trade with other attendees

2. Tote Bag or Book Cart: you can get a collapsible cart with wheel pretty cheap on Amazon – this is the one we have. All folded up, it fits inside our checked bag. If you aren’t into the wheeled cart, be sure to grab a sturdy tote or backpack to carry any books you buy!

3. Notecards/bookplates & Pens: authors will probably have pens/markers but it never hurts to be prepared! A signature on a bookplate can save a lot of packing space if you have a book but don’t want to travel with it.

4. Friendship Bracelets: at some events (including this one), people make friendship bracelets to trade. They can be a great way to make new friends if you’re a little uneasy talking to strangers.

5. Something with your name: one of us (Logan) ordered a reader badge and one of us (Lora) thought that was unnecessary until we went to a book signing and had to spell out L-o-r-a …so many times. So I made one or two – let me know if you want a link to the Canva file, I’m happy to share. If you don’t like the idea of wearing your name, bring post-it notes to write it instead. It can get loud in convention spaces and this will save your voice.

Sometimes it’s okay to meet your heros

One of the main draws of this event, of course, is the chance to meet the authors themselves. Love’n Vegas is gathering a wonderful mix of both well-known and up-and-coming authors, making it a smorgasbord of literary talent. There’s something incredibly surreal about meeting an author whose work has made its way into our lives and onto our bookshelves.

We’re especially excited to meet some of our favorite authors, including SJ Tilly and JT Geissinger, and we can’t wait to chat with them about their books. It’s truly a fan’s dream come true, and the fact that we get to experience it together makes it even more special.

The Reading List

Any time there are a bunch of authors, it can seem overwhelming, especially if a lot of them are new to you. Take some time to check out their work (Kindle Unlimited and Libby app or your local library for cheap/free alternatives to buying all the books).

If you ain’t got time for that because you have way too many ARCs to read this month, thank you very much, well you can always walk around an judge a book by it’s cover. Or ask your new friends (see friendship bracelets above) for their recommendations.

Exploring the Neon Museum

We’ve both wanted to see this Vegas attraction on previous trips, so we pre-booked the guided tour for what we hope is right around sunset. We’re going with another book bestie (and roommate for the weekend) to “see the floating lights” (iykyk). Tickets are $28 per adult and they sell out so maybe buy online to get the time you want.

Dancing the Night Away at Omnia

And when the night falls, we’re going to take our adventure to the Omnia nightclub. With a chandelier that drops from the ceiling and a lineup of the hottest DJs, that’s sure to be fun!

The Countdown Begins

With our suitcases packed, our reading list curated, and our excitement levels through the roof, the countdown to our Love’n Vegas adventure has officially begun.

Stay tuned for our post-event update, where we’ll share all the highlights and unforgettable moments from our Love’n Vegas journey! 💕📚💃

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