Jess is a single mom with a head for numbers and an aversion to dating. After a less-than-ideal childhood and an absentee father of her child, she doesn’t have a lot of faith in the process. That changes when she learns of a new DNA matchmaking company – after all, numbers are reliable!

She’s matched with the founder of the company to an outstandingly high percentage but has her doubts after meeting him. The company encourages the two to get to know each other while doing PR as the “Diamond match” that could make all the difference in GeneticAlly’s launch as a publicly traded company. The path to love is never smoothly paved, and this is no exception.

I loved the premise โ€“ finding your match scientifically through DNA testing โ€“ and that it featured two nerdy main characters. I appreciate that even the unrealistic elements werenโ€™t over the top โ€“ like how much payment Jess received for her time to do interviews and attend functions for GeneticAlly (the DNA matchmaking company). The worst part was the Act 3 breakup / non-breakup angst. Main characters in rom-coms rarely communicate effectively and this was no exception. But I canโ€™t fault it for being true to the genre so 4/5 stars for creative premise, likable characters (except for the deadbeat mom who I wanted to punch), and some pretty hot scenes earning 2/5 chili peppers.

โšœ๏ธ Lora


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