I read this book going in blind and so glad I did. The POV that Michallon uses submerges you into the story. I felt as if I was the woman in the shed and one of his victims. She used POV to really show the terror and inner monologue of someone who has been held captive for YEARS. There were things mentioned that I will keep forever.

Starting the story, the reader is introduced to the main characters: “Rachel” aka The woman in the shed, who he has handcuffed to the shed/house, Aiden, the man who keeps Rachel captive, Emily, the local bar owner who has a crush on Aiden, and Cecilia, Aiden’s daughter. Rachel’s POV is in second person whereas Emily/Cecilia’s is in first.

As you get further into the book, pieces of the puzzle start coming together. I was understanding how Aiden kept a woman on his property for FIVE YEARS without being caught. I understood Emily’s infatuation with Aiden. Cecilia’s inner monologue showed the family man side of Aiden.

I don’t want to say more to spoil it for you, but know this book unravels itself numerous times. I devoured this novel by Michallon.

If you love Criminal Minds, this book is a MUST. The town hero, family man, keeps a woman in his house, sheโ€™s handcuffed to a radiator by day then to the bed by night. He visits her nightly all while his 13 year old daughter knows her as โ€œRachelโ€ a girl down on her luck. It shows the POV from the victims and those around the killer.


A good pairing for this thriller is a pinot noir. Full bodied red wine to soothe the roller coaster you’re put on while reading. For those who don’t drink, I’d suggest a cherry Coke, just like Aiden.

The Quiet Tenant explores the psychological impact of Aidanโ€™s crimes on the women in his lifeโ€”and the bonds between those women that give them the strength to fight back.

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