The Hundred Loves of Juliet showcases the story of Romeo and Juliet but not as we know it from growing up. Romeo never died. Juliet reincarnates after their blissful love affair leads her to her death. The current day Romeo is Sebastien, crab fisherman in remote Alaska. Juliet is Helene, a woman leaving her horrible husband to write a novel of all the “happy endings” she has in her head. They meet each other in the local small town bar but Sebastien gives Helene the cold shoulder. One thing leads to another, she tries to deliver a book to him during a snowstorm and ends up in snowbank then frozen at his door.

He takes her in and realizes her “stories” are their past lives. The few days of being snowed in show Helene the truth of her ancient soul tethered to Romeo’s. Despite knowing the deadly outcome, Helene falls for Sebastien and embraces whatever may come their way. Bringing her into town the day after the roads clear, her ex-husband shows up. Freezing her bank accounts and threatening her, all of this leads her into her true lover’s arms. 

“Iโ€™ve loved you again and again, across lifetimes. Our story defies reason and science and everything weโ€™re taught to know about the world, but it is possible.” 

The Hundred Loves of Juliet by Evelyn Skye

I loved this story solely off of this quote. The infamous story of Romeo and Juliet, the star crossed lovers who died too young. A good old fashioned love story. The character development for Romeo had to be my favorite aspect of this novel. He went from blaming himself for the deaths of his Juliet to living in the moment with Helene. One thing that stuck with me is when he’d remember her past, she would tell him “Hey, I’m here, stay with me.” 

This story is for anyone who enjoys historical fiction, contemporary romance, and the original Romeo and Juliet story. It showed love across all spans of time. My rating of 4 stars instead of 5 came down to the ending. I felt like there could have been an epilogue or a small “jump” to the future. The last sentence really solidified the “curse” being lifted but I need some more time with Sebastien acknowledging his future.

ARC REVIEW – I was graciously given this ebook as an arc for my honest review by Ballantine Books / Random House on NetGalley.

A woman discovers that she is part of a legendary love story that spans lives, years, and continents in this modern-day reimagining of Romeo and Juliet.

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