In Elle Woods-esque fashion, the book opens with Bridgette getting ready for a romantic dinner with her boyfriend Adam, thinking tonight is the night he’ll propose. Spoiler – he does not; he breaks up with her. (Which is just as well IMO since he’s a bit of a tool). Months later, she clings to hope he’ll change his mind until witnessing his spontaneous engagement to a woman his mother hates.
She reconnects with her college boyfriend Ian and starts to think this is their second chance … until she finds out he is ALSO engaged to be married. Girl can’t catch a break.

As far as rom-coms typically go, this one was pretty realistic and I’m here for it. Life and love are messy, and that’s reflected in the story. When Adam broke up with her, Bridgette didn’t go home and cry then get over it – it took a while. Some would say too long, but grief is personal so no shade. Is the Ian storyline a bit of dumpster fire? Yeah. But I loved that the author wasn’t afraid to put characters I liked in a less-than-ideal romantic situation. Ian was trying to move on and didn’t expect to run into Bridgette. Should have handled it better but again, like the realism.

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