I was given this book as an ARC and wow. Tee writes beautifully and keeps me captivated till the end. Imagine going out on a date with a man, hitting it off and then hitting it ;). The next day you make plans to have dinner, he ghosts you, and your best friends at the club send you videos of him checking out another woman. That’s what happened to Juliet with Henley. To make matters worse, she sees him at a coffee shop two days later. Her brother, aware of the situation talks to Henley as her “fiance”. They part ways as he hates her for being “betrothed” and she hates him for ghosting.

Fast forward 3 years. Juliet gets her inheritance from her grandmother and fulfills her dreams of buying a fixer upper. Her next door neighbor? Henley, the perfect mind blowing man that ghosted her. Her dream turns from happy to WTF real quick.

The wit, the hurt and pain of this book was great. I gave it 4 stars because I felt there were some story plots missing, and a few people left not talked about. BUT it did set up the rest of the series for Kingston Lane. The character development for Henley was rushed in my opinion. I wanted a deeper dive into his redemption.

Overall, great story, steamy scenes, and Henley can cook pancakes for me any day.

Enter a world of luxury, lust and love with this scorching first title in T L Swanโ€™s provocative and witty Kingston Lane series.ย 

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