MY GOSH. This book was fast, spicy, and dirty. I loved it. Olivia, our FMC is a single mother that books herself a night at Carnations Inn for Mother’s day. The rest falls from there. The MMC is Theo, a man a few years her junior, but he’s OBSESSED (the good kind). He teaches her daughter how to swim, fixes her computer, works at the inn (his parents own it). Once they get together? I couldn’t put it down.

I gave it 4 stars because I wanted more of a confrontation between Theo and her ex, but that’s because he has that “who hurt you” mentality. I wanted her ex to be put in his place.

Logan ๐Ÿ’‹


I had everything under control until I met Theo.

My life was simple, straightforward, and clean. I thrived in my career, improved daily at being a single parent, and disguised any not-so-ideal parts of my life pretty well. 

Like the fact I carried more than a few insecurities my ex-husband left me with. The biggest being the simple notion that I was one of many options, and my idea of love was ridiculous. 

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