Thank you to Innes Field LLC for this e-ARC in return for my honest opinion.

Meet Georgia, a sweet but motivated woman from the Lone Star state. She’s a math major and psych minor who has done everything to achieve her goals. When her work trip brings her to Scotland for a big promotion, she meets a set of men that will forever change her life. Knox, Finn, and Lachlan are brothers whose parents have left them high and dry. They share their women, their trauma, and their businesses.

After settling into her rented flat, she goes downstairs to the local pub. She meets Finn, the bartender, then sits next to Knox at the bar. One thing leads to another and she ends up with the brothers in an alleyway. Fast forward to her reaching her door after a mind blowing orgasm, the last brother, Lachlan comes to rescue and allows her to stay with him when they can’t get the door open.

10 days, 3 brothers, 1 Georgia. This book was a wild ride for 144 pages. Within the first 20%, I was already recommending it to my book friends. The book may be a little choppy because it’s Lily Manning’s first novel, but it worked out. This is a reverse harem book and is MFMM. It does end in a HEA but I felt it was rushed. I will still give this book 4 stars due to me sitting and finishing it in 2 hours. And I’m excited to see the next book in the series!

I love reverse harems because it takes the perfect man, splits him into 3 and it’s a pleasure override. “Knox is dominant and so protective of his brothers and me. Finn makes me laugh, and I feel like I’m filled with helium when I’m with him. Lachlan is serious and lives every emotion. Vulnerable, strong, and so fiercely tender” 

The multiple POVs in this book made it better. I was able to put myself in Georgia’s shoes, but then understand the brothers. There was no “sword crossing” because they’re brothers, but it didn’t take away from the spicy scenes. At the end, she ends up marrying Knox to be with all 3. It was a spicy novella that I will read more of. The men were caring, possessive, dirty and downright obsessed with Georgia. 

‘Making Her Theirs’ promises a happy ever after, scorching the meaning of love, lust, and ultimate fulfillment. 

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