Alice Lawrence and two of her friends plan to start a podcast about the intersection of horror movies and true crime โ€“ in effect, how to survive a real life horror film. Soon, Alice finds herself at a Halloween party in a creepy corn maze and witnesses the murder of her sister Claire. A year later, sheโ€™s thrown back in time to the night her life changed and is given until midnight to find the truth of the events leading to her sisterโ€™s death.

Iโ€™ll let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret about me โ€“ I HATE horror movies. Have I seen some? Yes. I admit to being a teenage with questionable decision making skills, but as an adult, I refuse to watch them. How to Survive Your Murder is like reading a horror film, and yet, I couldnโ€™t get enough of it! I was torn between not wanting the book to end and not being able to put it down so I could find out if my crazy ass theories were accurate. There are so many plot twists, you need a GPS to figure out where the hell you are by the end, but despite my horror aversion, I 100% would buy a sequel, should Danielle Valentine decide to grace us with one.

The author seamlessly integrates elements, quotes, and tropes from 90s horror films, keeping you on your toes while evoking a sense of nostalgia. I found myself yelling at Alice to not go in there, not trust them, not leave the safety of a crowded place, not open that door. There was even a character that was very reminiscent of Patrick Verona, the ultimate โ€œbad boy with a heart of goldโ€ from my favorite 90s rom-com.

This is a YA novel, but in my opinion itโ€™s a bit gory for the younger of the YA crowd. This would have scared the crap out of me if Iโ€™d read it at 13 or even 17 if Iโ€™m being honest. Iโ€™m 50/50 on whether Iโ€™d have read this book if it wasnโ€™t a pick from the โ€œtraveling booksโ€ club thing Iโ€™m currently doing. But Iโ€™m 100 on being glad I did.

Lora โšœ๏ธ

Alice Lawrence is the sole witness in her sisterโ€™s murder trial.

And in the year since Claireโ€™s death, Aliceโ€™s life has completely fallen apart.

The characters in this book may be too young to have a cocktail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t! (Please drink responsibly in accordance with legal age regulations in your area.) Since this is a YA book, we’ve provided a bonus mocktail recipe for you if you’re underage or simply abstaining.

Cocktail Pairing: Midnight Intrigue

The “Midnight Intrigue” is a sophisticated and mysterious cocktail that perfectly complements the thrilling and suspenseful journey of “How to Survive Your Murder.” With a dark and intriguing blend of flavors, this drink will keep you on the edge of your seat, just like the book.

Mocktail Pairing: Enigmatic Twilight

The “Enigmatic Twilight” is a refreshing and intriguing mocktail that mirrors the book’s enigmatic nature without the alcohol. This drink combines a delightful mix of flavors to keep you engaged as you immerse yourself in the thrilling tale.

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