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The holidays are right around the corner and getting something for the bookworm in your life is hard. Choosing a book for someone isn’t for the faint of heart – I don’t know if I would even try this with my bestie unless I picked something from her wishlist.  Also, you’re probably thinking,  “What about all those books they already own and haven’t read??” 

First of all, stop being so judgey. Now that’s out of the way, ready to shop? Fear not, we are here to help. Read on for your besties’ guide to holiday gifts – no matter what age your book dragon is. 

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Let’s start with the young ones. Logan has a 2.5 year old who she’s desperately trying to turn into another bookworm. Here’s her list for kids under 12.


Example of OwlCrate Jr box - pictured is the March 2022 box
Example of OwlCrate Jr box – pictured is March 2022 box. Photo by OwlCrate

Currently both of us subscribe to the OwlCrate YA book box but they also have a great option for the bigger kids (8-12). When Logan was this age, she was going through books like it was her job. Included in Owlcrate’s box is a book with a letter and reading guide fro the author (plus it’s signed or has a signed bookplate), enamel pin, unique items that relate to the book/theme, and a second book of activities! This box keeps giving even after the holidays are over! Check out the Owlcrate Junior box.
If you want to send a one-time gift, you can use this link with instructions on how to make your gift non-renewing.    

Bookroo box example
Photo by Bookroo

For the even younger kids, we also recommend book boxes. It makes them feel like a big kid, getting something special in the mail, has lots of goodies, and makes reading fun. Bookroo has great options for little ones. They create book boxes for kids ages 0-12, curated by age. Select from board books, picture books, chapter books, or middle grade books based on age and reading level. Logan put this on her daughter’s Christmas wish list and we hope you do too! 

Dolly Parton reading a book
Founder, Dolly Parton.
Photo from Imagination Library.

Last but not least, we can’t forget our Queen… Miss Dolly Parton! Inspired by her father’s inability to read & write, Dolly started the Imagination Library as a way to give back to her home county in east Tennessee, and it has grown to serve over 2 million children in five countries.  The program gifts books free of charge to children (birth-5 years old) each month so they can love to learn reading just like we did!!  (You can also donate to the program to keep it growing). 

Note – Imagination Library isn’t available everywhere.  You can check to see if there’s a local charter delivering to the child’s zip code. Only the legal guardian of the child can sign up for this program. 


Teenagers seem difficult to please, don’t they? Everyone thinks they’re all tech, all sass, not willing to listen. If that’s how you’re feeling, take a deep breath and remind yourself that growing up is hard to do. (Now that your unofficial therapy session with Lora is complete, let’s get shopping!).

Read on our gift guide for teen bookworms. 

Kindle Paperwhite 8gb, photo from Amazon

E-reader – Either the Kindle Paperwhite or Nook will satisfy their love of tech while encouraging their reading habits. Both of us have Kindles because we’re addicted to KU but if your teen is more of a B&N kid, you’ve got options. 

Bonus stocking stuffer – get a cute sleeve to protect their device in a design they’ll love. (BookBeau has some great options – read more about them in the grown-ups section below).  If you’re even slightly crafty, these are easy to make with a basic sewing machine and novelty fabric in a pattern that reflects their personality. That’s what Lora did and she’s definitely not a seamstress.  Leave a comment if you’re interested in a tutorial.

One of Lora’s goddaughters just got her learner’s permit… eek! If you’re also embarking on that terrifying milestone, pick up a cute bookish keychain for their first set of keys! Here’s a variety of options from Amazon – or just search “bookish keychain” like I did to get this link. 

Booklight – photo by Amazon

Booklight … you know they’re already reading after lights out, may as well upgrade from their phone flashlight to something a bit more practical.  I like this one because it slides into the book instead of clipping on (no damaged pages, thank you!) and has a 30 minute timer as a reminder you really shouldn’t read ALL night.  


Adultish bookish – HEY THERE. It’s us! Other than books, here’s what you can get for that adult bookworm in your life.

Book Beau These book pockets were recommended by a book bestie. These are book sleeves that are water resistant and stain resistant! They also have a zipper on the top to keep your precious treasures from getting damaged. The best part about them? They come in all different sizes; ranging from our tiny kindles to laptops. Book Beau has got you covered.
Book Beau is helping out our followers by giving a discount code! Use booksbestiesbooze10 at checkout to save 10%!

MeaggieMoos is one of Logan’s favorite shops; she loves the book review sticky pad that you can put into your books. Grab one of these so your favorite bookworm has access to their reviews, even if they don’t use the internet platforms such as GoodReads or Story Graph to post.
Meaggie also has tons of stickers, keychains, and even some cute sleeves for your ice cream pints. Winter night ice cream sesh? No frozen fingers!
She’ll be closing her shop for the holidays in a few days but before she does, use discount code BESTIEBOOZE15 for 15% off.

Annotating supplies are all the rage – readers love to share their thoughts by highlighting and even writing notes in books as they read. We belong to a “traveling” book club where we pass around a collection of books, adding our thoughts to the previous readers. To do this, we each use an assigned color for our tabs, pens, and highlighters. We’ve linked to a couple we’ve used in the past. Lora loves this pencil case with space for all your supplies on the go.


We hope you’ve got some ideas for the bookworm in your life. Maybe our suggestions has sparked your creativity. We’d love to hear what you come up to make your reader’s holiday season magical. Comment below and let us know!

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