I read this book as part of our “traveling book club” – some of the gals loved it and the author is upfront this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I am not her target audience, but I was asked to review it so here we go!
From almost the first page, I hated this book. Its list of trigger warnings is as long as my arm and I’ll cover most of them here. Glyndon (FMC) and Killian (MMC) attend competing colleges on a small island off the coast of England. He’s an American sociopath with a virgin kink; she’s a British art student with an inferiority complex. It’s a match made in the depths of hell.
The opening scene (meet-cute?) is S.A at the scene of an acquaintance’s suicide. (I won’t refer to this scene as NC or a cutesy name – it was assault through coercion). They return to school where he stalks her when he’s not indulging in raucous parties, secret societies, and underground fighting. He obsesses over her being a virgin and how much he’ll enjoy seeing her blood. 🤢 When they get down to it, it’s rough and dirty. I don’t have a problem with that but I do take issue with a lack of conversation around limits, safe words, and other practices to ensure a safe & healthy environment.
Serious psychological disorders aren’t diagnosed before 18 and ASPD (sociopathy) effects an estimated 3.7% of the population, yet Glyndon is SURROUNDED by them. There are approximately 20-25 characters – at LEAST 4 of them could be formally diagnosed and that’s a conservative estimate.
Naturally, they fall madly in love; she meets his parents and vice versa. They become engaged – he planned it all during some back door fun time – and they obviously lived happily ever after!
Things I liked: the annotations of the book club
Things I disliked: everything else
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Drink pairing: Tepid Natural Light because I enjoyed this book as much as a bargain basement watery American lager served room temp.


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