Emma is a witch without a family trying to prove her worth to the coven in Charming Cove, a magical town. While goat-sitting  for a coven member, she ends up in the men’s loo by mistake where her goat friend rams the vampire duke, Alaric. Talk about a meet cute!

When the time comes for the coven’s yearly ball, Emma volunteers to organize it in hopes of becoming an official member of the coven. Alaric, recently back in his hometown due to some unfortunate attention from the press after being sold out by an ex-girlfriend, needs to keep his ailing grandmother happy and closeby. After what he’s been through, she’s convinced he’s all alone, miserable, and fixated.  What happens after the meet cute? A mutually beneficial arrangement, of course! Emma needs a location for her ball, Alaric needs to show his grandmother he’s thriving.  They make a deal. She gets his elusive estate for the location of the ball, and he shows his grandmother he’s happy and moving on with his life. 

Ground rules… No sex, no unnecessary touching, and no falling in love. Easy right? This CHARMING cozy rom-com warmed my heart. A man wronged by a woman and a woman abandoned by her family meet in this touchingly adorable second book in a standalone series. Aria from “The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic” makes an appearance in the story, but you don’t need to read the first book to understand and appreciate this one. 

Honestly, 5 stars. This romance made me laugh and also cry (in the last 10 pages).  I’ve recommended it to those who love a cozy love story with magical/paranormal elements. 

 Thanks to Bonnie Doon Press and Linsey Hall for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

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