This series just keeps getting better with each book. Death Taker is jam packed with plot… we learn more about Lark’s family history & her brother’s abilities, meet some of Kang’s family and don’t get me started on Jacobs! The storyline going on within the Veil and the vampire drama really move the story along and of course they have a great case to work on. Oh, and don’t forget the absolutely wicked spicy scenes (maybe don’t read in public – savor at home). I love when I feel like all the questions I have throughout a trilogy are answered by the end and I can’t think of any loose ends after reading the final installment (but I’d love to have more of Lark & Connor) When I think of all the big things that happen in this book, I realize it could have easily fallen into the trap of feeling rushed but luckily that did not happen. The story played out very organically, a testament to the skill of the author. I was beyond excited to receive an ARC of this book. Thanks to StoryOrigin and self-published author JC McKenzie for the opportunity!


For the gripping and dark Urban Fantasy tale “Death Taker” by J. C. McKenzie, we need a cocktail pairing that matches the book’s mysterious and supernatural themes. Let’s create a bewitching drink to enhance the reading experience:

Cocktail Pairing: Soul Enchantress Elixir

This “Soul Enchantress Elixir” captures the essence of the protagonist’s necromancer abilities and the mystical world of “Death Taker.” With a mix of dark flavors and a hint of enchantment, this cocktail will transport you to the thrilling and mysterious realms of the book.

Take a sip of the “Soul Enchantress Elixir” as you delve into the mystical world of necromancy and adventure in “Death Taker.” Cheers to an otherworldly reading experience!

Please note: As always, drink responsibly and in accordance with legal drinking age regulations in your area.

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